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Welcome to –– your source for everything you need to know about your P&G U.S. profit sharing and savings retirement plans!

Your retirement account is getting more secure
To help make logging on to your retirement account online more secure, Empower Retirement™ is introducing a new security feature called Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). The registration period for MFA starts October 9, 2013.

MFA confirms your identity by gathering additional information about your computer when you log on to your P&G retirement accounts. Many financial institutions are using this more secure log-on method for their customers, so you may have already experienced MFA with your online banking or credit card account.

You will be asked to change your Username and Password to a new required format that also is more secure (for example, you cannot use a series of four consecutive numbers that are contained within your social security number).

Once you enter your Username and Password, you will follow these easy, one-time steps:

  • Register your computer's "fingerprint" the first time you log on. (If you are entering the site on a public computer, you will be given the opportunity to tell Empower not to register that computer. It's recommended that you do not register a public computer.)
  • Change your Username and Password to the new required format, provide ways to contact you (such as your phone number and email address) and create a security profile.
  • You can register as many computers as you use. Just repeat the brief process from each computer once.

Activation code required after November 23
You can register your computer(s) at any time but after November 23, 2013, when you try to use the Web site from a computer Empower does not recognize, you will need an Activation Code that will be sent to you through e-mail, automated voicemail or text message. If Empower does not have your contact information on file, you will need to request an Activation Code by calling a Empower customer service representative at 800-345-2345 weekdays between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. Eastern time. Activation Codes are generated within a few minutes of the request.

Check out these Frequently Asked Questions for more information about MFA.

Check in on your P&G retirement plan accounts
Your P&G retirement plans are great tools to help you finance your dreams for the future.

This time of year may be a good time to check the status of your accounts in The P&G Profit Sharing Trust and Employee Stock Ownership Plan (PST Plan), The P&G Savings Plan (Savings Plan) and the Gillette Employee Stock Ownership Plan (Gillette ESOP).

If you are an eligible employee, are you contributing to the Savings Plan at a level that will help you have a more comfortable retirement?

Are your beneficiary designations up-to-date?

Take this opportunity to do a quick check-up of your accounts and make any necessary changes.

Beneficiary designations are important, too
Have you reviewed your beneficiary information for your Plan account(s) recently? If not, now is a good time to do so. Your beneficiary will receive your Plan account balance(s) in the event of your death. To make sure that your retirement savings are treated according to your wishes, you should check that you have updated your beneficiary designation(s).

Many designations are not listed on this Web site, but that does not mean you do not have a valid designation on file with P&G. A confirmation would have been returned to you at the time the designation was made.

Remember, the PST Plan and the Savings Plan require separate beneficiary designations. If you have a balance in both Plans, you should make sure you’ve designated a beneficiary for each Plan. Take a minute to update your beneficiaries now. Click on the Plan name and choose the Beneficiaries option. Then follow the online instructions.

The Gillette ESOP has some additional designation information for those participants eligible for retiree medical. Beneficiary designations for this Plan are made via a paper form.

If you prefer to use a paper form or need to use one, you can find the form by clicking on the Forms and Publications menu. Or you can call 800-345-2345 weekdays between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. Eastern time to request that a form be sent to you.

Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) Model Document
Click here for QDRO model documents to assist in meeting the technical requirements for QDROs. Use of the QDRO model will expedite the approval process when assigning PST Plan or Savings Plan benefits to an Alternate Payee based on provisions of a divorce decree.

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